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Governance, Politics and Development (GOPOD) is a strategy propelled, knowledge-based solution provider in the Public Affairs and Political Communication space.

We provide services that help to improve governance, and enhance relationship between the business community and the different arms of government and its agencies.

We provide intellectual and strategic direction for political candidates and institutions. It also focus on political communication, political strategy, grassroots mobilization, organizing, lobbying, etc.

We partner with candidates or groups to help them promote their interests. Our team of expert create and implement campaign strategies, and provide strategic directions for political candidates across various levels of government in the country.

Why choose GOPOD?


GOPOD focuses on public affairs, stakeholder engagement, political communication, political strategy, grassroots mobilization, organizing, lobbying, crisis management, press and media relations, intelligence gathering, etc.

Core Expertise

GOPOD is building effective policy strategies including community engagement, institutional marketing, and government relations; we construct comprehensive research-based and custom strategies to provide a blueprint for overall success for the public and private sectors.


Our strategy involves integrating traditional media and new technology to create a proactive, credible and responsive communication plan. We have a team of experts that develop and provide full-service electronic media plans that include interactive websites, social networking, email campaigns, online videos and blogging support.


We unite advertising, public relations, fundraising, and marketing to help propel campaigns forward, and, along with selling an individual candidate or group to the public and also engage in fundraising duties..






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Our Methodology

As a full service public affairs firm we offer result oriented consulting and advocacy solutions to help our clients attain their goals by successfully communicating their vision to very aspiring public office holders, government officials, and other decision makers.

Whether increasing a client’s visibility with legislative and government officials, or advancing the interests of a client on a particular issue, the methodology adopted to produce results goes thus:

Understand the need
Carefully prepare a strategy
Develop a plan to implement the strategy
Successfully execute the strategy
We measure outcome

We work closely with our clients to build a strategic plan to achieve their goals. We set realistic targets and work with each client to determine the best outcome within the framework of the current political environment.