Our range of services includes

GOPOD is set to revolutionize the political communication and public affairs space in Africa. We aim to accelerate the development of Africa through our intellectual input across governance, political communication and development projects in the continent. We also aim to provide services that help to improve governance, and enhance relationship between the business community and the different arms of government and its agencies.”

We will provide intellectual and strategic direction for political candidates and institutions. We will focus on political communication, political strategy, grassroots mobilization, organizing, lobbying, etc.” GOPOD Strategy Limited has three practice areas which will be the fulcrum on which to construct comprehensive research-based, custom strategies, and blueprint for the overall success of our clients in the public and private sectors.

The three core service areas Public Sector Group (PSG), Business Sector Group (BSG) and Public Private Partnership (P3G):



Our range of services in the public sector include

Political Communication and Strategy Services

We are expert in the area of helping political candidates or groups to formulate strategy to promote their interests and win elections. We will provide intellectual and strategic direction for political candidates and institutions. We will focus on political communication, political strategy, grassroots mobilization, organizing, lobbying, etc.

Public Affairs Services

We provide strategic insights on public affairs, stakeholder engagement, political strategy, grassroots mobilization, organizing, lobbying, crisis management, press and media relations, intelligence gathering, etc.
A core expertise of GOPOD is building effective policy strategies including community engagement, institutional marketing, and government relations; we construct comprehensive research-based and custom strategies to provide a blueprint for overall success for the public and private sectors.

Development Communication Services

We engage public institutions to provide services to communicate and facilitate social development across Africa. We know how to engage relevant stakeholders and policy makers to ensure that development reaches the people.

Policy and Research Analysis

At GOPOD, we use research to create communications and marketing plans, prospects for grassroots advocacy campaigns.
We rigorously research into stakeholder perceptions and day to day operations as well as track key economic and political indicators.
Our research team consists of political analysts, seasoned media practitioners, public affairs and corporate communications experts.

Capacity Building

At GOPOD, we conduct a progressive training program to coordinate and achieve mission-driven efforts aimed at strengthening the management and governance of public institutions.
Through our organizational development activities, our training modules in Leadership Improvement and Strategic Communication skills ensure the delivery of skillset and knowledge required to improve performance.

Advocacy and Issues Management

We provide strategic management of communication to favour a cause and anticipate the reaction of the audience to different events, developments and messages.
We help government institutions and public office holders detect and respond adequately to changes in the socio-political environment.
We can also help to decision makers to shape expectations, and influence the perceptions of individuals and public institutions.

Reputation Management Services

We unite advertising, public relations, fundraising, and marketing to help propel campaigns forward, and, along with selling an individual candidate or group to the public.
Our strategy involves integrating traditional media and new technology to create a proactive, credible and responsive communication plan. We have a team of experts that develop and provide full-service electronic media plans that include interactive websites, social networking, email campaigns, online videos and blogging support.

Crises Management Services

We help to develop and implement a crisis communications strategy based on the nature and scope of the crisis to be addressed. Our experts understand how to turn crisis to opportunities.

Public Sector Process Transformation Services

We formulate strategies, techniques and methods for the improvement of service delivery in the public sector. As a full service public affairs firm we offer result oriented consulting and advocacy solutions to help our clients attain their goals by successfully communicating their vision to very aspiring public office holders, government officials, and other decision makers.




Our range of services in the business sector include

Business Sustainability Management Consultancy

From good to great. From great to everlasting. That is our objective as we help you to provide strategic insight on how to build sustainable and profitable business in the age of disruption and uncertainty.
We partner with relevant stakeholders in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Political Risk Management

We provide political risk management services to business leaders across Africa. We have the expertise to analyze the political environment and give you the blueprint to launch out with peace of mind.




Our range of services in the P3 sector include

Transaction Advisory

We offer transaction advisory services for the execution of public-private partnership projects across Africa in order to advance private sector investment-driven objectives.
We work to identify, plan, support implementation, and continually monitor PPP investment.

Infrastructure Project Management Services

Managing infrastructure projects to meet the aspirations of the people is of outmost importance. We ensure that the project initiators and owners are well positioned to get the best deal from any project.